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Vivien Piaf – losing of virginity and Defloration

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

DeflorationOh at last the great defloration day for Vivien Piaf arrived. This naughty thing at last met a man whom she found worth for the defloration action. Of course such a beautiful creature like Vivien Piaf should be picky when it comes to choosing a dick for the first fuck experience. At first this naughty rogue showed her virgin pussy in front of the camera for the whole world, and especially her man, to see that she is a real virgin and still owns a hymen inside it. I guess that nobody even had an idea that such a beautiful girl could be a liar, but it is never too bad to check again. I bet this handsome dude performed several deflorations in his life, as he knew how to make Vivien Piaf relaxed and how to wet her pussy. Anyway, I am sure Vivien Piaf did not mind that, as any virgin girl wishes an experienced dude to be her first man. This stud seams to be so strong and muscular but her caressed Vivien Piaf as gently as it was possible not to hurt this petite lady. Before thrusting his erected dick inside her virgin pussy, the stud did not forget to lick her slit. Besides, before deflorating her pussy, the stud taught Vivien Piaf to take his dick inside her mouth and that way the experienced dude deflorated her hot mouth as well. When it was the time the thrust his dick inside her virgin pussy he did it very gently and took his dick out to show the blood to the whole world. Finally Vivien Piaf got tired of waiting and sat down on his dick in one single move.
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Nicola Defloration

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

DeflorationWelcome this beautiful Hungarian model and her virgin pussy. It seams to be almost unbelievable but this cutie managed to keep her virginity and tonight she will show her treasure to the whole world. Just imagine, not a single dick ever entered this pink pussy with a defloration intention and tonight you can easily see it with your own eyes on these exciting pictures. As Nicola is a model she surely knows how to show her perfectly shaped figure the best possible way and she does that tonight only for you. All you have to do to enjoy her pink pussy and hymen is to sit back and fantasies you caress this slim babe, her firm tits, and penetrate her virgin pussy with your finger; but be careful Nicola does not allow any dicks to get inside her slit, even in the fantasies, but you can do that with your fingers and tongues as much as you wish to, and besides Nicola is ready to help you by thrusting her sexy finger with a perfect manicure inside her pussy. Though this pretty babe is a virgin she is very open her fantasies and sexual dreams with one condition – this naughty thing wishes to save her hymen till the defloration.

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Petra Defloration

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

DeflorationNaughty Petra is here to perform a show of passion and flexibility. This pretty virgin is so flexible that it is hard to believe your own eyes sometimes. But tonight that skill of the gorgeous babe is not the main thing, but her perfect slim body and pink pussy are. Only here you can see a beautiful babe pouring water on her firm butt and ideal tits, as well as doing some gymnastics show only for you. Passion and flexibility are the main features of this gorgeous babe, as well as her virgin pussy and surely naughty character. This babe knows everything about seduction, but she does not know any single thing about riding a dick to death. Her gorgeous flexible pussy is still waiting for her defloration moment. And while the defloration is still ahead of her, we can admire this cutie in every single detail and do not forget about studying every inch of her virgin slit. Do not miss a chance to admire naughty creature – Petra and everything she has to offer you. Enjoy every moment of the lustful show she prepared for you tonight. But be careful Petra is so hot and ready to reveal her nature so eagerly that it makes Petra extremely flammable.

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