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Nora Phillips Defloration

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

DeflorationSome dudes are afraid of deflorating a virgin, but Nora Phillips is lucky to have a boyfriend who is proud of her virginity. In fact he is ready to show the hymen of Nora Phillips to the whole world, so you could see there are still virgins in the modern world crazy about sex. At first the stud opens her pussy to make several close pictures of her virgin slit and hymen, and then it is time for a fascinating mystery. Yes, you are totally right, the naughty stud and Nora Phillips decided to perform their first intercourse right in front of the cameras so that the whole world would justify their love. Of course, the excited couple showed as much gentleness as they were able to, in fact at first Nora Phillips was a little bit strained but after her boyfriend caressed her a little bit relaxed and started petting her boyfriend as well. The excited virgin even opened her mouth to suck a dick before the defloration action.
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Beatrix Glazatto Defloration

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

DeflorationBeatrix Glazatto is a sexy looking and perfectly shaped virgin babe, who believes that virginity is a gift which should be saved, cherished and even boasted. And what is the easiest way to show a hymen and virginpussy to the whole world? Of course shooting a passionate photo session and posting it in the Internet. This is exactly what Beatrix Glazatto did. She was not shy even in the beginning, like other virgins, she felt free and relaxed, though ready to find the best pose to show her gorgeous slim body and hymen especially in the best way. It is exciting when a virgin babe is not afraid to perform a striptease and play with her virgin pussy, opening it wide enough to touch her own hymen. Surely the camera could not miss even a single move of the virgin striptease goddess. Beatrix Glazatto invites you to enjoy her clean shaved virgin pussy and hymen in every detail.

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