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Olga Jushenko Defloration

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

DeflorationSexy Olga Jushenko adores snacks; luckily she performs a ritual before eating something, that way the wild virgin is able to keep fit. Luckily for us, that ritual had a straight connection with us, gorgeous Olga Jushenko performs a striptease dance before opening a refrigerator and choosing something to eat. Of course we could not deny that beautiful creature when she invited us to shoot one of those rituals. At first Olga Jushenko takes her panties off and shows her not deflorated pussy and only then she takes her mini dress off. After Olga Jushenko takes all her clothes off, it is time for pussy caressing, and only after she is totally satisfied Olga Jushenko takes a single fruit and pets her perfectly-shaped body in the end of the action. Though Olga Jushenko is still a virgin she is an expert in self pleasing. Join the sexy virgin Olga Jushenko and enjoy her snack ritual.

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Bianka Golden Defloration

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

DeflorationGorgeous blonde babe Bianka Golden adores demonstrating her virgin body to the public. The nasty thing thinks out a whole play to show her beauty the best way. Each time the nasty thing prepares something new that is why you will never be bored with this blonde virgin. The virgin rogue does not care about the defloration yet; all she needs is pure admiration and attention; to get that the virgin teen teases dudes with her virgin beauty – flat tummy, round butt, firm tits and long legs. This virgin babe understands that though her body is perfect she has to offer something else, as there are lots of other babes with ideal bodies. Anyway, Bianka Golden prepared a super lustful action for you tonight that is why I offer you to hurry up and join the nasty babe to enjoy the passionate action from the beginning to the end. Get inside and see what Bianka Golden and other virgins will offer you.

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Nicola Baby Defloration

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

DeflorationPerfectly shaped Nicola Baby is a salt of that small bar. Where else will you see such a gorgeous virgin thing getting undressed right in the middle of the bar? You may say that virginity needs proof, otherwise it is a usual striptease; but Nicola Baby is ready to give you that proof – the nasty virgin opens her pussy and shows her hymen to prove she is not deflorated yet. Of course Nicola Baby does not forget to tease the public with her virgin body, to dance and to please her own self. Such playful nature immediately made Nicola Baby a real star of the neighborhood, and now she invites you to enjoy her body as well. Have to admit, that though I saw many virgins, nasty and shy, I was enchanted with the Nicola Baby’s beauty. I can keep on chattering for hours, but I am sure that you are here not to listen to me, but to enjoy a gorgeous not deflorated yet babe; this is why I stop and invite you to enjoy a fascinating virgin with your own eyes.  Get inside and enjoy lots of other playful virgins.


Pinkerton Defloration

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

DeflorationThat day Lily Pinkerton came to shoot a usual photo session, this sexy babe just bought a new dress and decided to make lots of sexy pictures in it. When she was talking with one of our mates, they felt some chemistry between them, and in no time they were kissing and caressing each other. Of course we were there with our camera, we did not know how all that would end, but we hoped to make lots of fascinating pictures. Anyway, the sexy lad seduced the nasty virgin Lily Pinkerton into spreading her legs and opening her pussy so that he could thrust his tongue inside that virgin slit. Then he fingered the hot and sweet flower a little bit, and when Lily Pinkerton was ready to orgasm he stopped and asked her to taste his big erected dick as well. To our surprise, the sweet virgin immediately showed all her sucking skills andafter a short butlustful blowjob the lad finally thrust his dick inside that virgin pussy and deflorated it. Join Lily Pinkerton and learn everything about her defloration.

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Barbara Bonita Defloration

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

DeflorationBarbara Bonita – losing of virginity

It was a very special day, not only for Barbara Bonita, but for us as well, and I hope it will become special for you as well. As you may guess it was a day when sexy, gorgeous and perfectly-shaped Barbara Bonita finally lost her virginity. Yes, this is exactly true, and you may also guess that with her love to beautiful things and actions, Barbara Bonita turned the defloration into a fascinating show of lust. I have to warn you that this sweet couple did not hurry at all; they did not start the defloration right away, but kissed, licked and sucked each other to get ready for a hard and deep defloration action. Have to admit that I have never seen such a shameless virgin like Barbara Bonita; she gulped a dick from head to balls, and rode it in all possible poses. Yes, that is right; it was Barbara Bonita who sat down on a dick before her dude could even move. Join the nasty couple and let them amaze you.

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Amelie Loren Defloration

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

DeflorationSweet Amelie Loren adores breaking stereotypes; tonight she is here to prove that a beautiful, sexy and naughty babe can still be a virgin with a real hymen inside her pink slit. Of course a usual medical check up would be enough, but Amelie Loren prefers to throw a fascinating striptease show, ending with spreading her slim legs and opening her clean shaved pussy. At first, Amelie Loren dances a little bit, then she takes her sexy mini dress slowly, plays with her flat tummy and firm tits, and finally she takes her tiny pants off. After Amelie Loren gets rid of all her clothes she starts playing with her pussy and ass hole, as well as with her clitoris. I bet she even rubs her clitoris a little bit to prove that virgins are also nasty and hungry for an orgasm. Do not miss a fascinating chance to enjoy the show from the beginning until the end with the naughty Amelie Loren in main role.