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Amelie Loren Defloration

Monday, April 27th, 2009

DeflorationGorgeous Amelie Loren doesn’t imagine her life without kinky photo sessions and wild striptease actions. This seductive babe is blessed with such a hot temper that it is not possible to believe that she is an innocent virgin still. Naughty nubile opens her pussy to show her hymen and to prove that she is a natural virgin. While boasting about her seductive virgin body and her yummy and still not deflorated pussy, Amelie Loren plays with her ripe tits, butt and flat tummy. In the end of the action, the sexy brunette gets so excited that she ventures on rubbing her clit and fingering her pink slit. Sure, she is not into popping her cherry, as she still is waiting for the right stud, but she surely orgasms right on camera. Get inside and enjoy this naughty virgin and other seductive but innocent girls playing with their petite bodies.


Barbara Defloration

Friday, April 24th, 2009

DeflorationBarbara Ponchik is a gorgeous babe with yummy curves, ripe tits and butt. She says that though she is not that skinny like girls in glamour magazines, she loves her body and believes that it is a very seductive one. One can think that such a playful babe is a master of sex, but in reality this cute sweetie is a virgin with both pure and dirty thoughts on her mind, who came to the studio to shoot her not deflorated pussy, hymen and the ways she pleases her sex desires with the help of her skilled fingers. Yes, though Barbara starts with a passionate striptease dance, she ends with pussy squeezing and fingering, clit rubbing and hymen showing games right on camera. She is surely not the kind of virgins one is used seeing on TV, but that spices the pleasure of enjoying her fresh and sex hungry body.  Get inside and enjoy virgin and naughty Barbara Ponchik and other hot and innocent babes.

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Pushkina Defloration

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

DeflorationThis drop dead beautiful brunette nubile matured enough for the defloration action finally. Though the naughty teen said she did not like to boast, she still asked us to shoot every move her boyfriend would make inside her still virgin pussy. Sure, we gladly agreed and prepared everything to comfort Natasha, but it seemed like she did not notice anything around her except for her boyfriend. Anyway, the excited couple played with each other a little bit before popping the cherry. That handsome stud turned out to be an experienced lad and he spent much time kissing those precious ripe tits, nipples, butt, and pussy and even tried to touch the hymen with his hot tongue and fingers. When still virgin Natasha begged the mercy the dude penetrated that sweet pussy with a hymen and in one strong stoke he popped that cherry at last. Get inside and enjoy lots of other passionate defloration actions with divine virgins in leading roles.

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Brigitt Defloration

Monday, April 13th, 2009

DeflorationSexy Brigitt turned 18 recently and, as any other girl, she decided to do something exciting to remember the day of her full age for the whole lifetime. Luckily for us Brigitt is not deflorated yet but keeps on thinking about sex and sexual pleasures all days long. That is why the cute teen decided to pose for passionate nude pictures, and especially for pictures of her virgin pussy and hymen. We thought Brigitt would feel shy or awkward but to our surprise this nasty thing behaved like she posed for many photo sessions already. Brigitt undressed first and left only panties on her, then she started caressing her clean shaved pussy without taking the panties off, then it was time for opening the vulvar lips and clitoris caressing. Of course the nasty virgin did not forget to rub her ripe tits and brown nipples. Even though Brigitt was not deflorated that day, she still orgasmed and made us extremely hot.

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Sindy White Defloration

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

DeflorationGorgeous Sindy White waited for this day for several years, she dreamed about it, and imagined it in her dreams. When finally the day came, Sindy White decided to shoot the action to have an opportunity to look through the pictures and to enjoy those moments again and again. Of course Sindy White did not come alone, she came with her boyfriend; though have to admit that I was a little bit surprised when the lad checked Sindy White at first, he took a close look at the hymen to know that Sindy White is a real virgin. After the checking, the lad decided to taste her sweet love juices and teach her to suck his dick; and only after that the dude finally thrust his erected dick inside a virgin pussy. I bet that Sindy White prepared very carefully to the defloration, because the nasty couple changed several poses and the ex virgin was not surprised at all. After they both orgasmed, Sindy White decided to check her new abilities and sucked a dude again. Join in to enjoy the lustful defloration action.

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Lala Princess Defloration

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

DeflorationGorgeous blonde babe Lala Princess passed a long way from a virgin girl, through masturbation, to a defloration action. When she finally decided she was ready for a defloration, she invited us to make lots of pictures of that moment as we made pictures before. Of course Lala Princess prepared herself for the defloration, she studied her body, learned how to caress it, and enjoyed all possible sensations she could. Of course Lala Princess was shy at first and even afraid a little bit, but she chose the best dude to deflorate her virgin pussy and he relaxed her slim body in no time. Very soon, Lala Princess was ready to caress the guy as well, kiss his strong body, rub and caress it and gulp his dick from head to balls. Of course the dude did not forget to caress Lala Princess, rub her pink clitoris and lick her clean shaved pussy before the defloration. Finally the dude thrust his erected dick inside the wet pussy in one strong move. Get inside to enjoy the defloration actions.Join in and enjoy virgins playing with their pussies.

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