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Irina Lapkina Defloration

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

DeflorationGorgeous brunette chick, Irina Lapkina, is simply nuts about green. Actually even her flat is furnished in green style. And as you can guess she wanted to make an erotic photosession in green. Of course, we could not reject her request but also begged the sexy virgin to stretch her pussy and show her hymen before it is ruined during a defloration. Irina Lapkina agreed to do that but she also said that she would do that in a form of a game. Of course, we did not know what kind of a game she was thinking about but we hoped it would be something really spicy and our hopes were justified. The cute virgin played with her body with a passion of an experienced babe and mesmerized everybody in the room just like how she will mesmerize you as well. Get inside, join the hot virgin Irina Lapkina and many other naughty virgins.

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Maria Ivanovna – Hardcore Defloration

Friday, November 26th, 2010

DeflorationThat day Maria Ivanovna came to the studio in a very playful mood. She confessed that she, finally, came up to an idea of saying good-bye to her virginity and to her hymen. She also said that her boyfriend would come to the studio as well in order to perform the whole process on camera. When the dude arrived, they played with each for a start, and then moved on to undressing each other. It seemed that Maria Ivanovna almost wanted to stop the action but she gave way to her passion and caressed the dude and his dick as well. Then the stud penetrated her virgin pussy and then kept on fucking her clean shaved slit. Have to admit, it was a very passionate defloration and it brought not only pain but many pleasures and orgasms to the nasty Maria Ivanovna and her well-hung stallion. Join the naughty chick and her virgin girlfriends will tell their stories to you as well.
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Dasha Poplavskaja Defloration

Friday, November 26th, 2010

DeflorationSweet Dasha Poplavskaja is a hot virgin and even though she is playful enough to show off her naked body, as well as pussy and hymen on camera, it does not mean she is freethinking and open to new experiments. Yes, this is Dasha Poplavskaja. Sometimes it seems that there are two girls in one body. One of them is naughty, likes to disobey and to play with her tits, slit and hymen and another on is shy, innocent and does not know what to do with her fingers. Tonight, you will get a chance to enjoy those two girls at once. At first, Dasha is shy and, though she shows her tits, she does not take off her dress but then she, finally, totally undresses, opens her vulvar lips and shows us a treasure which she hides inside. Yes, I talk about hymen. Dasha is so sweet when she boasts about her not deflorated pussy. Enjoy her sweetness at this site, as well as other sweet and naughty virgins.

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Elena Brodskaja Defloration

Monday, October 25th, 2010

DeflorationElena Brodskaja is a gorgeous brunette babe who dreams a lot. OK, you can say that all girls and especially virgins dream about marriage and husband but Elena dreams about becoming an exotic dancer. Yes, she knows that she will need to show her virgin body in public and that is why she came to the studio in the hope of making an erotic photosession. The cutie came in a very sexy outfit which drew attention of every dude to her curves. Elena is a naughty virgin and she knows how to tease men. Without any further hesitations, the cutie started taking off her tiny outfit, playing with her body and dancing. Very soon she freed her firm boobs and showed her virgin pussy with a hymen inside it. Oh she will be a real devil when she will be deflorated. Even now with a hymen in her slit Elena is much hotter than the majority of usual girls. Join hot virgin Elena and she will tease you and please you together with other naughty virgins.
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Natalia Bulatova Defloration

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

DeflorationAt first sight Natalia Bulatova seems to be a usual girl but it is not possible to call a virgin babe, who came to the studio in order to make an erotic photosession, a usual teen. Yes, this seductive cutie is not afraid to take her clothes off, to spread her legs, to stretch her slit and to rub her hymen on camera. Well, now we know that she is playful, hot and loves to boast about her virgin body but when she entered the studio she could not explain what she needed and we thought she wanted to make several usual pictures. Luckily, Natalia Bulatova had spicier things on her naughty mind. She said that she did not know when she would go through a defloration and that is why decided to make pictures of her hymen right now. Yes baby, your wish is our command and here she is, gorgeous, virgin, naked and proud of her hymen. Join Natalia Bulatova and she and her virgin girlfriends will show what they are capable of.

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Tamara Uromy Defloration

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

DeflorationSweet Tamara Uromy is a petite babe with long legs and love for high-heeled shoes and sexy lingerie. Though this cutie is a virgin girl, she knows how to underline her stunning beauty and how to pose on camera. This naughty girlie plays with her body and spreads her legs like a real professional. What is more exciting, Tamara shaves her pussy to boast about every inch of it and to show her hymen. She bends to give a chance to shoot her firm butt and snatch from behind. Oh, this virgin babe is blessed with innocence, lust and desire to striptease and that mixture excites everybody who sees it, at least this is exactly what happened at the studio. I wonder, what will happen when Tamara will come to the studio to shoot her defloration? Anyway, for now this virgin sweetie does not dream about defloration but plays with her hymen and slit.Join Tamara and enjoy hymens of her other girlfriends as well.
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Nataly Orosz Defloration

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

DeflorationSeductive blondie, Nataly Orosz, spends much time at work. Of course, she wears only sexy outfits because she believes that a girl, even a virgin, should look her best and to have a chance to tease her hymen and virgin pussy at any time. The hottie already dates a dude but she did not allow him to deflorate her yummy and clean shaved slit. Tonight, she invited a photographer to pay her a visit at work and to shoot her naked body, her hole and hymen and her favorite sex games. What is more exciting, she rubs her snatch but never damages her hymen because she wants to go through defloration in the future. Of course, time simply flies when she spends hours playing with her virgin hole and clit. I bet you would like to work the same way because it is hard to find a job that brings so many pleasures nowadays. Anyway, join the nasty virgin and she will reveal more secrets about her life and lives of her virgin girlfriends.
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Jessica Mazury Defloration

Friday, August 20th, 2010

DeflorationThough all her girlfriends are crazy about glamour and about diets, Jessica Mazury does not need all those tricks to become more beautiful. This chick is blessed with divine body, angelic face and with only one drawback, a hymen inside her virgin slit. Luckily, she has a boyfriend who is ready to help her with that problem but in a very special way. At first the dude caressed her clean shaved virgin slit with his long tongue and fingers and then penetrated her virgin hole. Finally, when she had no hymen inside her slit, he moved on to penetrating her virgin asshole. Sure, he was extra careful with her tight holes because he did not want to make her forget about those pleasures. He coped with the task and pleased Jessica Mazury to the full. Naughty virgin confessed that she did not hope to get her two holes deflorated that day. Nasty chick invites all fans of actions with virgins in leading roles to join her and her girlfriends.
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Nicol Bestia Defloration

Friday, August 13th, 2010


While other girls wear tracksuits or dressing gowns at home, Nicol Bestia, sweet virgin, wears only tight panties and bra at home. She loves wearing that sexy outfit because she can play with her virgin slit, clit and hymen at any time of day and night. Kinky chick takes her lingerie off on camera, spreads her legs and virgin slit to caress her hymen and to boast about her not deflorated hole. Yes, usually virgins do not perform such wild actions but Nicol Bestia is not a usual virgin, she is a unique rogue and she is full of dirty fantasies. Tonight, naughty babe invites everybody to enjoy her cozy home, her virgin slit and her body in detail. Just look how she opens her vulvar lips and how she caresses her clit and hymen with her talented fingers and you will realize that she is a gift for any fan of naughty virgins. Join seductive Nicol Bestia and she, as well as her girlfriends, will open the doors into the world full of kinky virgins.
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