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Tamara Uromy Defloration

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

DeflorationFinally, Tamara Uromy decided to get her pussy deflorated. In order to underline that day, she put on a very sexy outfit which turned on her boyfriend right away. Actually, the dude was so excited that he decided not to waste any time and to move on to caressing Tamara and her seductive and still virgin body. He started with gentle but passionate kisses and, little by little, moved on to licking her tummy, tits and virgin slit. He even stretched her hole to show her hymen one last time. Tamara decided to do something in return and asked the lad about his favorite sex game. Of course, the stallion confessed that besides sex, he loved getting his cock sucked and Tamara took his dong into her hot mouth right away. Then after a titjob, the guy, finally, thrust his big dick into that wet pulsating virgin hole and deflorated it. Get inside to enjoy the whole defloration action with Tamara Uromy and other hotties in leading roles.

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Vekony Talia Defloration

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

DeflorationWhen Vekony Talia came to the studio, she said that she simply needed to get rid of her virginity and that we were her last hope. She said that dudes simply are afraid of hurting her. Well, one can easily understand that kind of a reaction, as this babe is a sweet angel with perfect body and innocent eyes. Anyway, when a girl craves for defloration, we simply cannot say no to her. That is why, we did everything to satisfy her desire and to turn the defloration into the most unforgettable and pleasant action. At first, the dude caressed the sweet virgin with his skilled hands and long tongue, kissed her plump lips and rubbed her yummy tits. Little by little, he moved lower and lower and finally started licking her clean shaved virgin pussy in order to moisten it. Then after a deep blowjob, he said that she was finally ready for the defloration. The cutie was trembling with excitement when he finally popped her cherry. Join the excited babe and learn the whole story.


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Anna Celkova Defloration

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

DeflorationSexy Anna Celkova is a homebody but that does not mean that her life is dull. On the contrary, seductive cutie has many hobbies and is crazy about doing her chores. She has many flowers at home that need gentle care. But she never forgets to care for her body and especially for her virgin pussy and a hymen. Anna loves spending time in front of the window. And what is more exciting she agreed to take off her clothes and to show off her clean shaved virgin slit and a real hymen in front of the window. Who knows if somebody watched her boasting about her naked body or not but she, and we of course, enjoyed a fascinating photosession. Yummy Anna even opened her bottom cheeks to show her anus that is virgin as well. The hottie does not think about defloration still but she already reads about satisfying men. Get inside and enjoy a crazy action performed by the frisky Anna Celkova and other playful virgins.

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Helen Flingston Defloration

Friday, February 26th, 2010

DeflorationGorgeous Helen Flingston is a very romantic girl who believes that she needs to save her virginity until she meets her only one. She also thinks that there is nothing more romantic than a night spent with a beloved one in front of a fireplace. Though she is a very serious girl and cares for her virginity, she is ready to spread her legs, open her vulvar lips and show off her virgin slit and hymen. She turns the photosession into a game full of lust and passion and of pure pleasures. Helen takes her clothes off, then rubs her tits, clean shaved and not deflorated hole and finally rubs her hymen. Even though she is not ready to take a dick into her holes and to say good-bye to her hymen, Helen Flingston is ready to enjoy crazy orgasm on camera. And what is more exciting, sexy virgin is ready to share her bright orgasm with the world. Join the naughty virgin girl and learn all her secrets and do not forget to visit her virgin girlfriends.

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Betty Rixton Defloration

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

DeflorationIt is hard to believe that Betty Rixton is a virgin. Just look at her risque outfit, I bet you want to fool around with this doll. But as they say, you can watch but you cannot touch. Anyway, besides sexy skirts and dresses, Betty is blessed with wild nature and love for her own sexy virgin body. That day she decided to pose on camera and to play with her virgin pussy, hymen and firm tits. We were pleasantly surprised with that idea but did everything to satisfy the perfectly shaped doll to the full. Betty performed a striptease for a start, then she showed off her yummy tits and butt and finally she spread her legs, rubbed her clean shaved virgin slit and hymen. We only hope that she will come to the studio to shoot her defloration, when she will finally decide to lose her virginity. After all, it would be a pity to miss such a moment in the life of a gorgeous and playful virgin, Betty Rixton. Join naughty virgin Betty and learn the naked truth about her life and about her hot girlfriends as well.

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Amelie Loren Defloration

Monday, January 18th, 2010

DeflorationIn everyday life Amelie Loren wears only long dresses and behaves like a usual and modest girl but once the camera is turned on she reveals her dirty nature. The virgin cutie takes off her dress in front of the camera, caresses her firm tits, then takes her white panties off and opens her vulvar lips. Naughty virgin even shows off her hymen in order to prove that she is a natural virgin. Sure, a usual striptease dance cannot satisfy such a seductive and hot virgin babe and she moves on to rubbing her clean shaved but not deflorated pussy and her clit. Though Amelie Loren really wants to thrust her finger into her pussy, she does not do that because she wants to enjoy a real defloration one day. But anyway, the sex-frenzied virgin enjoys a real orgasm on camera.Get inside and enjoy pulsating slit of sexy Amelie Loren and her other virgin girlfriends.

Helen Flingston Defloration

Friday, January 8th, 2010

DeflorationHelen Flingston is such a playful cutie that it is a real wonder that she managed to stay virgin for such a long time. Anyway, that day she came to the studio together with her boyfriend and begged us to shoot the defloration action. She said that she finally decided to say good-bye to her virginity and she wanted to have several pictures with her hymen in the leading role. Sure, we could not refuse to satisfy such a desire of the seductive virgin, Helen Flingston. Naughty partners played with bodies of each other and when they were excited to the limit they started the defloration action. Her boyfriend licked her pussy and she sucked his dong and finally the stud thrust his rod into her virgin pussy. They tried out several positions before they both were satisfied totally.
Get inside and enjoy the fascinating defloration of the seductive ex-virgin Helen Flingston as well as other kinky girls.

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Jessica Mazury Defloration

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

DeflorationThat day when sexy blondie, Jessica Mazury, came to the studio, she confessed that she wanted to become a cowgirl one day. We agreed to give her a chance and to fulfill her dream in exchange for a passionate photosession. Luckily, even though Jessica Mazury is a virgin, she agreed to take off her clothes and to play with her virgin tits and to show off her hymen. At first, Jessica teased us with a passionate striptease, then she spread her legs and opened her virgin pussy and finally moved on to a cowgirl part. Playful virgin pretended to be a cowgirl with the help of a leather saddle and her naughty character. And what is more exciting this babe is still virgin; imagine what she will do when she will go through the defloration. That day Jessica amazed everybody who watched her playing with her virgin body and now she is ready to do that to you too. Get inside and enjoy naughty Jessica and other playful virgins.

Alberta Defloration

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

DeflorationLet me introduce a gorgeous blonde babe Alberta to you. This nasty thing always dreamed to become a real princess and after Alberta turned 18 she decided to make a reality of her dream. Of course Alberta did not turn into a real princess, but she became the porn princess. Though Alberta kept to the rules, she is beautiful, perfectly-shaped, virgin and playful at the same time. Alberta understands that she needs to prove she is worth being a princess and she is ready to do that in front of the camera for the whole world to see she is the true princess. I will give you a hint about that - the nasty virgin, who does not dream about defloration yet, poses in the most seductive poses, performs a wild striptease dance, caresses her virgin tits, flat tummy and shaved pussy, she even fingers her virgin slit and opens it wide enough for you to see her hymen. Do not miss such an outstanding event and enjoy the process from the beginning till the end. Join in and enjoy other lustful virgins.

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Bigsy Porn Defloration

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

DeflorationWell, that day even I was amazed, I knew that Bigsy was a nasty thing but not that much. Anyway, thanks to Bigsy we have a fascinating action to enjoy. Bigsy invited a virgin girlfriend and a deflorator to perform a lustful threesome action in front of the camera. They started the action very slowly, undressing each other, kissing, licking and sucking, driving each other and us totally crazy but still not letting the dude to deflorate the virgin babe. In fact, the nasty three wanted to orgasm all together and they did everything to get what they wanted. Do not worry the girls did not forget to please a lad with a deep double blowjob, each other with a pussy eating and everybody else with a stunning view of their perfectly-shaped naked bodies. The nasty couple invites you to join their games and share their orgasm tonight. Get inside and do not miss other virgin virgins ready to enjoy all possible kinds of sex experiments.

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